The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits is Technology Partner in the Company Startup phase, supporting the project with the expertise in Energy Harvesting and Ultra-low-consumption microelectronics design.

 ESAEuropean Space Agency is Sponsor of the project, providing through ESA Bic Incubation Bavaria a contribute for technology transfer for the diffusion of European Satellite systems for mobility.The support of ESA permits to exploit an innovative use of advanced GNSS features, like Galileo and EGNOS certified positioning. 

Further information available about Greenspider project at the link of ESA web. 

EBN, European Business innovation network is supporting Greenspider in fund raising, internationalization program, and IPR protection.


EBN is a network of around 150 quality-certified EU|BICs (business and innovation centres) and 100 other organisations that support the development and growth of innovative entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. EBN is also a community of professionals whose day-to-day work helps these businesses to grow in the most effective, efficient and sustainable way.

Greenspider has been awarded by European Alliance Mobile and Mobility Industry, in the scope of S2G2M2 initiative, Sustainable Services for GMES and GNSS in Mobile and Mobility.

The goal of S2G2M2  (Sustainable Services for GMES and GNSS in Mobile and Mobility) is to support innovative mobile service providers to benefit from the European satellite navigation systems (Galileo and EGNOS) and data derived from the European Earth observation programme Copernicus, which was previously known as GMES. Its pan-European approach ensures that the relevant SME community has access to support mechanisms regardless of their geographic location or size. 


 Anwendungszentrum in Oberpffenhofen (Munich) is Greenspider's  supporting organization for Business Incubation, Project management, and Business advisory and coaching 


eTourEurope is the Greenspider's partner for field Applications, together with several other partners and supporting entities in the field of electro mobility, involving each year severl thousands of users in an international tour of electric vehicles. eTourEurope is supported by several eV manufacturers, Energy and SmartGrid Operators, and many other sponsors.

Greenspider supports the entire Fleet Tracking, the mapping of charging columns along the international tour, involving a big expanding community.

wunjoo is an e-Mobility specialist! 

eMobility for sale or rental for all ages, in modern designs, sports, fun, city transport, speed. Distributor of more than 70 producers in Central Europe compared, tested, and the best for us was added to our range. We have the wunjoo portfolio of quality, design, innovation, on the application and also by our own "wunjoo taste" together.


 Maiwald Patent Attorney supports Greenspider in process IPR and Patent writing. Maiwald is the oldest German association of patent attorneys and lawyers in the field of intellectual property law, specializing in security, defense and enforcement of intellectual property rights.


Greenspider and WebRatio estabilished a partnership to stand out in the era of Digital Business; you need unique and innovative mobile Apps, Cloud and Web applications. WebRatio develops them quickly, often starting with unclear and changing requirements, providing simple and intuitive development environments, and supporting throughout the lifecycle of your applications. The aim of the partnership is to deliver the best mobile and web development technologies to allow full platform scalabiltiy, and take full advantage and opportunities in the Digital Business.


 Provides support for Business Networking and relations 


Invest in Bavaria supports Greenspider for Business Startup, estabilishment, advisory, Communications.


Zero-Emission Mobility


The platform SMASH (Smart Sharing) is a solution permitting easy management and access of Electric-Car Sharing, Bike Sharing, and in general vehicle sharing services.  

The technology is based on miniaturised low-consumption device, named GREENSPIDER, integrating innovative technologies to facilitate the access and the diffusion of Vehicle Sharing. The device embeds satellite localization, proximity technology (NFC) for user identification and easy access to the service, and wireless Data Communication for connecting to a Cloud Computing platform improving the management of the system for the Service provider, and the fruition of the service for the final user.

The demand for green veichle sharing schemes is increasing worldwide, and the models of provision for smart mobility solutions are expected to growth in the different market segments involving technologies related to mobility. Governments in Europe are promoting the use of sustainable mobility with the provision of cycle paths, awareness campaigns with regard to health and safety, development of bike-sharing schemes, and facilitating cycling and electric car sharing as alternative mode of transport for short-distance trips. 

Also in the private sectors the mobility is focused on sustainable schemes, like for example for the "Company Veichle Sharing". The development of innovative technologies is a Critical Success Factor for the deployment of veichles and infrastructures, permitting an easy access for the user, and an efficient management for the operators.

Nowadays bike-sharing is entering the 4th generation: ebikes (electric Bikes),  Demand-Responsive Multi-Modal Systems. Flexible, clean docking stations; smartcard integration with public transit; fleet monitoring an re-distribution schemes; GPS/GNSS tracking, touchscreen kiosks. Integrated fare schemes.

The same growth and evolution is observed in general in Personal Vehicle Sharing (PVS), including further solutions of sustainable mobility like electric Car Sharing, in rapid diffusion in the latest years and expanding worldwide with new models and request for innovative technology solutions on the vehicles. Greenspider focus its technology on the emerging needs in this scenario, to deploy turn-key solutions enabling sustainable, efficient, and economically effective modes of transport. 

 Multi-Modal Sharing Schemes; "Do the right Mix"

Greenspider focus the emerging needs in the scenario of mulit-modal Sharing Schemes, to deploy turn-key solutions enabling sustainable, efficient, and economically effective modes of transport.

Near Field Communication

An NFC tag is a small passive "batteryless" device which contains a microchip and a small loop antenna.

When the tag is detected by a mobile phone (most Android smartphone support NFC), it powers up and wirelessly transfers information such as a web address, text or a command for an App. 

Greenspider develope Customized NFC TAGS and interactive Applets for several mobility solutions. In addition Greenspider also develops NFC active devices, that permit the user to control machine throught Smartphone applets.

Furthermor Greenspider devices have the unique characteristic of combined use of GNSS positing, personal authentication via NFC, and Machine-to-Machine Communication in one single device.This characteristic enable new services, and permit the user to easily interact with veichles and infrastructures, and permits a higher level of security and reliability especiallly for accessing vehicles in Sharing Schemes.



NFC it's an evolution of RFID, allowing two-way communication between endpoints, where earlier systems such as contactless smart cards were one-way only.
It currently adopdted by main smartphone producers, like Samsung, Sony, Nexus. Android Beam uses NFC to enable Bluetooth on both devices, instantly pair them, and disable Bluetooth once complete automatically on both devices.
It has also been used in Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. with the feature named as S-Beam. It is an extension of Android Beam, it uses the power of NFC (to share MAC Address and IP addresses) and then uses WiFi Direct to share files and documents.
Since unpowered NFC "tags" can also be read by NFC devices, it is also capable of replacing earlier one-way applications.