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Greenspider integrates in a single circuit Satellite PositioningMachine2Machine Module for Cloud Connection, and proximity technology (NFC), enabling easy access and advanced services for vehicle sharing schemes, like mobile subscription and mobile payment.

Greenspider devices exploit Improved positioning technology, building on innovative features of European GNSS systems, with standard interfaces to serve different ITS applications and new concepts for flexible charging based on guaranteed positioning.

Cloud Connection

Greenspider devices embed multi-standard GNSS (decoding GPS, Galileo, EGNOS and Glonass) for optimal satellite visibility and guaranteed positioning, DSRC, NFC, and 3G/4G connectivity. The data exchanged will include speed, location, direction of travel, braking, accelerations, loss of stability, accident detection with automatic sending of warning messages in both short range and mobile network to cloud.

Satellite Tracking

The system exploits the latest Satellite Positing features, like Data Integrity and Protection Level today supported by state of the art GNSS receivers.  Thanks to the mulltiple standard GNSS-Gps-Glonass the system provides certified positioning, and increased precision thanks to the increased availability of visible satellites.

The use of ultimate GNSS receivers and their improved modulation performance is a key factor to increase the competitiveness of the product. 

Short Range Communication

Greenspider Research and Development activities are also focused on Open in-vehicle platform architecture for provision of real-time ITS services and mechanisms to provide seamless connectivity, interoperability and secure flow of information across stakeholders. This include the use of Dedicated Short-Range Communication (DSRC) and 4G mobile communication technologies, for V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) communication for automatic spreading of alerts during road events.

End-user applets

The data retrieved from Greenspider sensors are uploaded on Open Cloud Database, available to deploy integrated Mobility Application and services. Greenspider provides the API (Application User Interface) to handle the data or integrate in existing platforms.


Greenspider offer an extended range of product and solutions for mobility, including innovative on-board device for fleet tracking, and "Cloud" services and applications.


The SMASH solution includes the innovative device STERN (Satellite Tracking Energy Harvesting) embedding in the same devices combined Energy Harvesting Technologies to secure durable functionality without absorbing energy from vehicle’s battery. All the satellite tracker have embedded SIM card and advanced M2M functionalities and data upload on Open Cloud platforms.

The offer of Greenspider for Urban Mobility includes:


 Microspider  •Satellite Tracker   •M2M    •Embedded Passive NFC for activation and deactivation   • External Battery/energy Harvester Installation: small vehicles, eBike, eCar 



Proxyspider •Satellite Tracker •M2M    •Embedded Active NFC • Optional Controls (switch and relè) handled via NFC  •Internal Battery  • Adaptable Power Supply circuit •Optional wifi tethering

Installation: Charging Station, Controlling Totem; permits user interaction and autentication, and self-localization on the Cload of the Charging Station, and Queue Handling. 


Stern, Satellite Tracking Energy harvesting

•Satellite Tracker  • M2M   • Embedded Active NFC   • Embedded Energy Harvesting  • intertial sensor for movement and accident detection •adaptable Power Supply circuit Optinal CAN bus adapter • Optional sensor of external of vehicle battery charge status • Optional OBD (on Board Diagnostic) 

 Customizable Hardware Devices: inlcuding •Satellite Tracker  • M2M  Cloud connection  • NFC   • Energy Harvesting  •  Adaptable Power Supply circuit • Microprocessor • Memor,microSD  • Further optional features

A variety of customizable smartphone applets permits direct interaction for the user with device, veichles and web services.


 All the devices are characterized by advanced performances, high level of integration and miniaturization, and are suitable for small electric vehicles, enabling remote monitoring of parameters such as speed, position, status, battery charge, alarms, and enabling the deployment of turn-key solutions based on a cloud platform, including web services for vehicle tracking, geo-fencing. The embedded NFC permits the interaction user-vehicle-infrastructures (charging column, totem and kiosks), enabling mobile subscription and mobile Payment.

The data uploaded on cloud are accessible via starndard API (Application Programming Interface), enabling the developers community to a large deployment of applets for mobility services, in particular for easy access and optimized management of Vehicle Sharing Schemes.

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 Job Positions

The company is recruiting young graduates for stage and possible employment, to involve in innovative projects in cooperation with prestigious partners in a dynamic international enviroment.
The preferred candidates are young Electronic Engineers with competences in microelectronics design (EAGLE, microcontroller programming, Arduino Platform, Open Source programming) and/or SW development (SW embedded, Java, C, C + +, Java, Android, Web programming), who can contribute with their ideas, skills and enthusiasm to develop and deploy successful mobility Solutions.
Fluent English and German, flexibility to travel, are essential requisites for the candidats, that accorting to their will and attitudes might be involved also in direect relation with Customer, and market oriented acivities.

Flexible involvement Full time/ part-time with also remote working options are possible. Negotiable compensantion, and excelent formative opportunities in innovative projects, and Business Developmente with qualified partners in the mobing sector of innovative Mobility.
The company is based in Nurnberg, Nordostpark 89, co-sited with Fraunhofer IIC.

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