Job Positions

The company is recruiting young graduates for stage and possible employment, to involve in innovative projects in cooperation with prestigious partners in a dynamic international enviroment.
The preferred candidates are young Electronic Engineers with competences in microelectronics design (EAGLE, microcontroller programming, Arduino Platform, Open Source programming) and/or SW development (SW embedded, Java, C, C + +, Java, Android, Web programming), who can contribute with their ideas, skills and enthusiasm to develop and deploy successful mobility Solutions.
Fluent English and German, flexibility to travel, are essential requisites for the candidats, that accorting to their will and attitudes might be involved also in direect relation with Customer, and market oriented acivities.

Flexible involvement Full time/ part-time with also remote working options are possible. Negotiable compensantion, and excelent formative opportunities in innovative projects, and Business Developmente with qualified partners in the mobing sector of innovative Mobility.
The company is based in Nurnberg, Nordostpark 89, co-sited with Fraunhofer IIC.

CV to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.