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 You can download here the demo Applet eTourEurope 2015 for android (4.0 or above).

Download eTourEurope Applet 

The demo applet shows all the itinerary, the Point of Interest, and the real-time position of the participants.

The official Applet will be available for the team involved in the Race, and will show for each day the Start and Finish line, providing also the ranking of the teams.

Just click on the link above, download the eTourEurope.apk on your android smartphone or table, and install.

eTourEurope is the longest European Tour of electric vehicles covering, with an overall distance of 4200 km  across 9 European Countries. The initiative aims to demonstrate the performance of modern electric vehicles, and to grow awareness about the deployment of extensive charging infrastructure. A fleet electric cars from several brands (Tesla model-s, BMW i3, Renault Zoe, and others) will be involved all along the international route across 9 countries, and around 1000 EVs in motion along parts of the itinerary. For this reasons eTourEurope is an exceptional event that receives extensive media coverage and increased political attention due to the simultaneous eRoadShows in each of the European capital cities involved.


Greenspider, thanks to its ultra-low-power Satellite Technology, M2M Cloud connectivity and Near Field Communication, has been selected as Technology Partner to provide Satellite tracking for the whole fleet, and end-user applets to monitor the tour supporting several features like automatic ranking of the Teams, mapping the charging stations, and further relevant info and events retrieved by NFC proximity technology, that are essential for the optimization of the eTour.

The Satellite Tracking and Geo-Referencing of charging station and proximity events are key features for the success of the initiative, that represent a significant live testing for new technologies, contribute to diffuse and improve innovative mobility schemes, new navigation services in large scale; around 1000 vehicles are expected to participate in some legs of the entire Tour, with a large media return spread around Europe, and innovative marketing models to promote the involved technologies, including Connected Cars, Machine2Machine communications, Automotive, Energy harvesting, eVehicles performance testing, Mapping of relevant spots, GIS, Traffic prediction algorithms, Near Field Communication, that will progressively  contribute to diffuse Sustainable Mobility. Any company interested to be involved as sponsor or contributor can exploit the return of visibility of this international initiatives aimed to attract interest from year to year, and highlight the progress in the field of electric mobility.

 eTourEurope real time tracking



eTour Munich Barcelona  1375Km, only electric Cars

Mr Werner Hillebrand-Hansen, CEO eTourEurope, and eng. Leonardo Micco, Project Manager Greenspider, before the departure.

Tour Itinerary :

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

 Real-Time tracking:


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