Satellite Master Conference

Berlin, Ministry of Transport. Satellite Master Conference 2014.

Alessandro Cantore, Ceo and founder of Greenspider, presents Smart Mobility solution using the state-of-art satellite technology.

On 23-24 October 2014, the first Satellite Masters Conference brought together more than 300 participants from 40 counties, connecting high-level representatives from leading institutions and industry with start-ups and award-winning entrepreneurs. 
Along with ESA space solutions, the conference focused on entrepreneurial spirit and the impact space technologies have on non-space sectors.
The event also capped off the joint Awards Ceremony of Europe's major innovation competitions for space applications - the European Satellite Navigation Competition and Copernicus Masters.

Intellectual Property

Thanks to the support of EBN, European Innovation Network, and the Maiwald Patent Office in Munich,  Greenspider finalized an European Patent Application, protecting the "Mobile Access Method" implemented in Greenspider solution called SMASH, Smart Sharing.
The European patent application No. EP14 196 604.4 has beed filed on the 5th of December 2014. Applicant Greenspider. The Title is Resource Control Apparatus, server Apparatus and Method for controlling a Resource.
The Drafting of the patent was supported by the expert consultacy Maiwald Patent Office in Munich, thanks to this cooperation the patent is very exhaustaive, covering multiple use cases, with the proper formulation of the claims

The complete patented solution is available in a complete implementation, scalable for several Smart Mobility application, and engineered for large scale industy, by means of licensing options that can be estabilished together with Greenspider Trademark, that has also been registered as EU trademark, or independently.


Mobile World Congress Barcelona

  [08 - Feb - 2014] Greenspider profile at Business Martching MWC Barcelona  

Greenspider Profile at Mobile World Congress B2B


Greenspider and eTourEurope 2014

  [18 - May - 2014] Greenspider at eTourEurope


eTourEurope is the first European tour of electric vehicles on the longest total distance; 4200 km in 9 European countries. A fleet of 15 electric cars of various international brands involved along the way, and about a thousand electric vehicles participating in individual stages. The initiative aims to demonstrate the performance of modern electric vehicles, and aggregate interest regarding the need for extensive infrastructure charging interoperability between operators and institutions. 

Greenspider is sponsor and technology partner of eTourEurope, and provides satellite tracking system for the entire fleet, and applets with which the team and can share relevant information, monitor the fleet, have indormazioni on mappatrure to the status of charging stations, and additional relevant information which are essential for the optimization of eTour.


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"Capitani 2013" Award

[15-Nov-2013]   Greenspider CEO, Alessandro Cantore, awarded in Rome at the "Capitani dell'anno 2013", thanks to greenspider international scope.

Award Ceremoy

The initiative is meant to reward the effort of men and women of enterprise, who fight in conditions which seem adverse to achieve prestigious international results. read article