Greenspider and eTourEurope 2014

  [18 - May - 2014] Greenspider at eTourEurope


eTourEurope is the first European tour of electric vehicles on the longest total distance; 4200 km in 9 European countries. A fleet of 15 electric cars of various international brands involved along the way, and about a thousand electric vehicles participating in individual stages. The initiative aims to demonstrate the performance of modern electric vehicles, and aggregate interest regarding the need for extensive infrastructure charging interoperability between operators and institutions. 

Greenspider is sponsor and technology partner of eTourEurope, and provides satellite tracking system for the entire fleet, and applets with which the team and can share relevant information, monitor the fleet, have indormazioni on mappatrure to the status of charging stations, and additional relevant information which are essential for the optimization of eTour.


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