SmaSh Smart Sharing

The platform SMASH (Smart Sharing) is a solution permitting easy management and access of Electric-Car Sharing, Bike Sharing, and in general vehicle sharing services.

The technology is based on miniaturised low-consumption device, named GREENSPIDER, integrating innovative technologies to facilitate the access and the diffusion of Vehicle Sharing. The device embeds satellite localization, proximity technology (NFC) for user identification and easy access to the service, and wireless Data Communication for connecting to a Cloud Computing platform improving the management of the system for the Service provider, and the fruition of the service for the final user.


SMASH - Customizable turn-key solution for Smart Sharing

 Greenspider’s devices implement an innovative and unique access method (EU patent Application No. EP14 196 604.4), based on a triangular connection between Client Applet, Cloud, and resource Agent. This method ensure robustness and resiliency, because the end-points can align data also in case of break in one of the connection channels.The direct NFC interaction between end-user smartphones and the Greenspider device, permits to exchange and share with the cloud server the authentication factors and the authenticated positioning of the user and the resource in the mobility scheme. With this charactersitic the system address major requirement in the field of innovative mobility and vehicle sharing schemes.

 The Authenticated Location Based Access is obtained thanks to the correlation of positioning data of multiple independent systems (SMASH device and user's Smartphone). Additionally, a resilient Data sharing method is obtained thanks the multi-channel connection to the access server. These characteristics enable smart data sharing, easy and secure user access, ability to share information, rating mechanisms, and feedbacks to improve the efficiency of the mobility scheme.


SMASH Open Platform for Fleet Management and Resource Sharing

•Wide range of OBD (On-board Devices)

•Secure authentication

•Mobile Cloud connection

•Smart Data Sharing method

•Customizable End user applets, maps, Location Based Service, authentication service

•Integration with maps, and plugin features for mobility

•Integration with Mobile Payment services