Zero-Emission Mobility


The platform SMASH (Smart Sharing) is a solution permitting easy management and access of Electric-Car Sharing, Bike Sharing, and in general vehicle sharing services.  

The technology is based on miniaturised low-consumption device, named GREENSPIDER, integrating innovative technologies to facilitate the access and the diffusion of Vehicle Sharing. The device embeds satellite localization, proximity technology (NFC) for user identification and easy access to the service, and wireless Data Communication for connecting to a Cloud Computing platform improving the management of the system for the Service provider, and the fruition of the service for the final user.

The demand for green veichle sharing schemes is increasing worldwide, and the models of provision for smart mobility solutions are expected to growth in the different market segments involving technologies related to mobility. Governments in Europe are promoting the use of sustainable mobility with the provision of cycle paths, awareness campaigns with regard to health and safety, development of bike-sharing schemes, and facilitating cycling and electric car sharing as alternative mode of transport for short-distance trips. 

Also in the private sectors the mobility is focused on sustainable schemes, like for example for the "Company Veichle Sharing". The development of innovative technologies is a Critical Success Factor for the deployment of veichles and infrastructures, permitting an easy access for the user, and an efficient management for the operators.

Nowadays bike-sharing is entering the 4th generation: ebikes (electric Bikes),  Demand-Responsive Multi-Modal Systems. Flexible, clean docking stations; smartcard integration with public transit; fleet monitoring an re-distribution schemes; GPS/GNSS tracking, touchscreen kiosks. Integrated fare schemes.

The same growth and evolution is observed in general in Personal Vehicle Sharing (PVS), including further solutions of sustainable mobility like electric Car Sharing, in rapid diffusion in the latest years and expanding worldwide with new models and request for innovative technology solutions on the vehicles. Greenspider focus its technology on the emerging needs in this scenario, to deploy turn-key solutions enabling sustainable, efficient, and economically effective modes of transport. 

 Multi-Modal Sharing Schemes; "Do the right Mix"

Greenspider focus the emerging needs in the scenario of mulit-modal Sharing Schemes, to deploy turn-key solutions enabling sustainable, efficient, and economically effective modes of transport.